Advancements in Hydraulic Hose Assembles and Fittings

Hydraulic hoses are used in various market sectors in industries around the world as a way of transferring high-pressure gas or liquid in industrial machinery and plant processes.

The danger of possible leakage of high-pressure liquid transfer is very large, so the necessary safety mechanisms are carried out through rigorous testing procedures.

All auxiliary adapters, staple couplings, valves, and other hose fittings are fully tested in real-world conditions for durability and flexibility.

Main Adapter

There are many industrial hose connectors on the market today, especially hydraulic hose staple adapters. Staple adapters are effective mechanisms that rigidly connect 2 hose ends used for transferring high-pressure liquids in hazardous environments such as the underground mining industry and tunnel construction sites. Commercial Hydraulics Pumps & Motors in Sydney, Perth & Brisbane offer a wide variety of drive shafts that are designed for high-torque applications.

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Swivel Clutch

Large-scale drill mining requires a hydraulic hose that can withstand the transfer of high-pressure liquids while moving freely due to vibrations caused by the high-pressure environment. For this application, a rotary staple clutch has been developed which reduces the twisting tension by allowing the hose assembly to move freely during operation while maintaining a high-pressure locking mechanism.

Hydraulic Hose Assembly Protection

With a hazardous environment that must be installed by a hydraulic hose assembly, a protection solution is needed to protect the outer surface of the hose used. Currently, there are a number of protective coatings that are designed and tested to be resistant to abrasion and extreme temperatures.

Protection can be used for single hoses & bundles used in mining and other industrial environments. This type of hose protection is also ideal for oil spills and electrical wiring and there is even a protective sleeve that is a silicone layer for fire resistance.

Hose Assembly

Hose assemblies made specifically for specific locations around the world in various market sectors are common because of the particular environment in which hydraulic hoses are used.

Although there are certain generic product lines that can be purchased on the web, the vast majority must be ordered from manufacturers who are able to produce bespoke hose assembly solutions that have been fully tested to meet stringent international industry standards.

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