Your Guide to Large Format Printers

Also known as wide format printers or 11 x 17 printers, large format printers are ideal for those who often print blueprints, banners, maps, graphics, or any document with a width of two feet. With the ability to print in black and white or color, this device is great for producing professional-quality photos at home or in your business office.

Plus, they can handle a variety of printing materials. When deciding on a large format printer, you need to consider a number of different characteristics, including speed, quality, and maintenance. You can also find a great collection oflarge format painters at Inkjet Monkey


In general, large format printers operate at relatively fast speeds – certainly faster than their predecessor, the plotter. However, don’t expect them to issue prints at a faster speed than your standard inkjet or laser printer. Most people buy large format printers for their ability to make realistic photos, and this quality usually doesn’t come at faster production speed.


Large format printers can be a good investment. But just like most printing devices today, the quality of the output depends on the quality of the machine. Second-class printers usually produce good results at first, but usually fade within a few weeks due to sun exposure or other conditions.


As noted above, some manufacturers offer technical support and services to help ensure the efficient operation of your large format printer. With support options that accommodate this, such as repair and warranty services, you can maintain high productivity and superior device performance.

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