Starting And Running A Mid Sized Food Distribution Business

Distributors work as an intermediary between the manufacturer of products and customers include wholesalers, retailers, or any other company. Without a wholesale food suppliers, it would not be possible for one of these parties to continue to exercise their primary roles.

It is the distributor that handles everything else. However, this seemingly simple job of getting products from manufacturers or wholesalers and deliver them to retailers may prove to be very demanding. At the very least, a full-service distribution company must have a large storage space, trucks and vans and locate on inventory management skills.

Choose type:

When looking to start a food distribution business, the first thing you need to do is select the type of food you will be dealing with. You have many options such as frozen foods, bakery products, dairy products, meat products, organic foods, or processed.

Product supply:

After deciding the type of food, they need to get in touch with different types of providers such as poultry farms or dairy products or brands that are processed or frozen foods. Make sure you buy these products at a price that is well below the retail price.


Now comes the most important part of the sale, traditionally distributors do not engage in marketing or advertising, because their main task is to manage the supply chain. However, there is nothing wrong with making use of relatively inexpensive mediums for marketing.

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