Spa Party Games for Healthy Relaxation

Spa party games sound like trifles or card games based on a favorite Chick-Lit book or movie. They can or they can also be based on a game of guessing nutrition, diet or exercise.

Mud body painting:

This Spa-themed game idea is a great way to have fun with your mud or clay mask at a spa party. You can make this game competitive by giving awards at the end of the session for the most artistic body art. Spread a large floorcloth so that the mud does not spread everywhere and you also need lots of mud, brushes, and water.

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Guests at the Spa party game will join in groups of three and paint each other’s bodies. They can paint anywhere on the body, but the back makes the biggest canvas.

Calorie Count:

Try guessing games such as guessing the calorie content of certain fruits, vegetables or other foods in your Spa party game. Give a good example of a variety of foods on display with a numbering system. Leave the paper and pencil for the guests to write down their guesses and then put it in a box with a slot on it.

Then open the box and see whose guess is the closest. You can give food samples as a gift to the guest closest to their guess.

This can be a summer night party with all the decorations of a backyard pool party or it can be winter in an underground spa. The basic decoration theme for this party can incorporate all the traditional elements of other similar seasonal parties.

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