How To Setup Netgear Extender Using Netgear Genie Setup?

Do you want to setup the Netgear extender on your home network and that too with the help of Netgear Genie setup? If yes, then this post is for you. You will find the steps related to setting up a DSL extender on the existing network using Netgear Genie.

If you are using the old model extender, then you will have to visit the Netgear extender setup wizard page from the web browser as the setup can be done from this page only but not through Netgear Genie.

Steps to setup extender using Netgear Genie setup

  1. Connect the DSL port of your extender to the modem via Ethernet cable. You will find the same port on the modem to which the cable is to be connected.
  2. Connect the computer to the extender with the help of Ethernet cable and turn on the power supply.
  3. Connect the power adapter to the power source nearby extender.
  4. Wait till the extender gets booted. It will take 5 minutes maximum.
  5. Open a web browser on your computer and wait till the Netgear Genie page appears. It will appear automatically once the extender is detected by the computer.
  6. The login page will appear. Enter the details in the space provided followed by ‘Enter’.
  7. You need to select the country from where you are going to setup the extender.
  8. Click ‘Next’ to select the type of network connection.
  9. If you are using the DSL line, then select ‘PPPoE’ and enter the login details provided by the ISP.
  10. Tap ‘Next’.
  11. The extender will configure the settings and you need to enter the SSID and password details of your modem. The same will be fetched by the extender for connecting the smart devices wirelessly.

This is all about the process of configuring the Netgear extender using the Netgear genie page. If you want to manage or control the extender in the future, then it is possible from the Netgear Genie app installed on any smart device. For any other support related to setup or connection, feel free to contact our support team available 24×7.

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