Benefits Of Becoming An Australian Citizen In Perth

Are you ready to take the next big step and become an Australian citizen? Benefits! Benefits! Benefits! Yes…Australian citizens have more benefits than Permanent Residents!

You can also look for easymigrate to know more about Australian citizenship in Perth. Here are some important things that Australian citizens can do that Permanent resident cannot!

You can travel out of Australia and return whenever you want!

Well, a permanent resident can indeed live in Australia indefinitely, but can you travel and re-enter Australia freely? The answer is no – you need to re-apply for a resident return visa every time your travel facility period expires!

Also, if you fail the “good character test” when applying for your RRV, the responsible minister can revoke your permanent residency and you can be deported (probably the last thing you’d want).

As an Australia citizen, you can travel in and out of Australia freely, for as long as you want without having to apply for an RRV.

You can get an Australian passport

Becoming an Australian citizen means you can apply for an Australian passport! The Australian passport is among the world’s most powerful passports in the world. According to Passport Index, it can get you into 157 countries without a visa.

And guess what? If your current passport doesn’t allow you to fast track through the Smart Gates at the Australian airport – Australian Passport can! Travel hassle-free without having to waste time queueing up at custom!

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