The Difference between Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Businesses are fragile things. They can be affected in their success by a whole host of factors including market forces, consumer habits, and changes in attitudes. To know more about the disaster relief programs, you can browse the web.

But many aspects of your business success are firmly held in your own hands. You can develop an agile approach allowing you to change your model based on market forces, you can adapt your products or services to take into account consumer demands, and you can keep track of people’s opinions to ensure you keep with current thinking and attitudes.

But how would you cope with major incidents that occur or in your business?

Business continuity and disaster recovery are important tools that are designed to protect your business should the worst happen. If you use technology in your business, and especially if it forms the backbone of your operation, you need to make sure that you have a Disaster Recovery Plan.

Disaster recovery is the process of restoration of technical systems, data and applications to a level that allows you to continue your business operates. Disasters can also be caused by external factors such as power outages, flooding or property damage.

The key to an effective DR plan is to evaluate the system, applications and data is the key to your operation and make sure it recovers first. There is no point in spending time and effort to restore your marketing database when your customers do not get the products they’ve ordered or services they have purchased.

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