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Tree Removal: A Not-So-Easy Art

It may sound simple, but removing the tree from your property is not just a matter of having the tree and remove it. There is a very specific method to be followed and several security issues are needed to be addressed in the removal of the tree; if you do not, you could end up hurting someone or destroy one’s property.

Hiring someone who has experience in stump removal, even if your situation seems simple, is always a good idea.

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Making Plans

The first thing to do before approaching the tree is to crunch some numbers. Estimating tree height and distance to objects and structures nearby. Once you have this information, you will be able to determine the safest way where you will take the tree.

For a tree removal plan, you need to combine all of your security measures. Check out the area’s electricity and telephone lines, pipelines and structures that may be damaged. Setting up your rigging so that a fall from the tree will not kill you, find a way to secure large lower branches to the ground, make sure that your chainsaw well maintained before work begins … it was a long list.


The most basic technique for cutting is using a rope and harness to climb trees, lopping off branches with a chainsaw as you go. If there is a need for extra caution, or for a larger more dangerous branch, spar pole rig rigging allows you to branch, cut it, and have your partner carefully lowered to the ground.