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Reasons that Causes Hair Loss Seen in Women


For some women, it can be stressful and traumatic when they face hair loss. Although, men too face hair loss issues women tend to face more severe consequences. Although it is considered normal when it comes to losing a few hairs on a daily basis, women shouldn’t take it too lightly. For women, these are some of the causes of hair loss.

  1. Genetics – One of the lead causes of hair loss seen in women is due to genetics. Genetics causes imbalance to the hormones along with transforming testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which leads to hair loss. There’s not much of a remedy when it comes to genetics since the genes are transferred from father and mother to their son or daughter.
  2. Stress – An increase in the levels of testosterone leads to transforming into DHT due to a lot of stress. This, in turn, leads to change in hair growth cycles forcing the hair to become weak and fall.
  3. Diet – bad eating habits or poor nutrition to the body also leads to hair loss. Moreover, frequently loss of weight along with consuming fat in high content are other sources of hair loss.
  4. Medicines – If an individual takes medicines related to steroids, birth control, blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, etc. leads to hair loss which can be either temporary or permanent.
  5. Ageing – As we grow older, our bones become weaker, get tired quickly, become sensitive to diseases etc. In the same manner, deterioration of hair follicles starts to occur as we grow older.

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