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Marble Polishing and Restoration in Melbourne

Marble Polishing And Restoration in Melbourne cover photo

Marble Polishing and Restoration in Melbourne is a great way to restore and bring life back into your deteriorated marble surfaces. Unlike other surfaces, marble is a solid and thick stone, that can be ground,  polished and restored by a professional service. 

What Is Marble

Marble is a type of stone that is used as flooring in homes and office buildings in Melbourne. It is used because it is both a beautiful and durable surface. The marble that is used in architecture is called dimension marble. It is cut into specific dimensions and laid down onto the ground to form the flooring. The marble floor then needs to be treated. A protective coating is applied to the marble, this protects it from damage, such as liquids that are spilt onto it. The surface is polished or honed, which makes the marble very easy to clean and maintain. If the surface is properly maintained it can last for many years. If the marble surface becomes etched, scratched or cracked, marble polishing and restoration will need to be applied. 

Use An Expert

It is recommended to have your marble polished and restored by a expert, who has the experience and machinery to do the specific job. A stone care service is best suited to this operation rather than a general cleaner. The general cleaning service may not have the correct qualifications in that what a marble restoration expert will have. 

Can Marble Be Restored? 

Because of the thickness of the marble, it can be progressively ground into a fine surface. This removes any of the previous damage. The marble is then polished into the desired finish. The porous nature of stone means that liquids can sink into the surface leaving stains. A marble restoration specialist will coat the surface with specific resin, which protects the surface.  

Restoration of your marble surface, if done correctly, will provide a new lease of life for your flooring. Compared to other surfaces like wood and synthetics, marble can be restored over and over again.