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A Brief History Of A Legendary Sports Car Corvette

A legendary American sports car, the Corvette is actually envisaged for foreign sports cars of the era. In 1952, the first prototype was built. With exterior fiberglass and balsa wood flooring, Corvette has increased speed over its competitors, due in large part because light fabrication.

The car began to take shape, but still nameless. The name was derived from the class of the British Royal Navy warship of the same name. The name is synonymous with strength, speed, and maneuverability in the UK. Now, years later, the Corvette name holds the same symbolism on the Atlantic side.

Originally, it was supposed to be the American flag and checkered racing flags, but the American flag copyright protected from commercial use and therefore withdrawn from the logo. You can get more information about Chevrolet 0-60 times via searching online.

Despite the last-minute changes to the logo, society enamored with a new sports car. 300 The first Corvette was launched from assembly plans Flint, Michigan within 6 months. The original sticker price of a new Corvette was $ 3,000.

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To minimize the cost of the new line of vehicles, GM decided to make all the 300 is exactly the same. The original release did not meet GM expects big sales. In fact, many people love the car, but could not see spending $ 3,000 for a single.

In addition, the car becomes a two-seater vehicle makes it impractical for many individuals. Many times in life it encountered resistance Corvette.

After seven generations of Corvette, they seem to be here to stay. The title “Home Corvette” has been given to bowling green with the assembly plant and the National Corvette Museum across the street. It certainly looks like the All-American Sports Car here for the long term.