Stucco Repair & Parging Repair Edmonton

The parging process generally refers to the application of a cement coating that is applied to a wall surface, such as a base or an exterior wall. Most common is the parking process over a foundation wall of masonry or a chimney of masonry.

Parging is a cost-effective alternative to repointing; adding structural cohesiveness to masonry walls. Parge coating for apartments can also be used to create air tightness. You can also hire Edmonton’s stucco company for best stucco and parg repair in Edmonton.

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Parging in Edmonton may seem like a simple process, but for information, background knowledge, and the right tools for trade, it takes an eye. Parging will turn into a clumpy and crumbly mess if done incorrectly. Parging should appear as a new, smooth parking surface that can include unique textures when properly conducted.

If you are looking parging repairs in Edmonton then, there is no doubt that a new layer of plaster looks great! More importantly, a layer of plaster applied properly provides additional insulation and adds another layer of protection for home foundation and adverse weather conditions for which Edmonton is famous.

But what is enfoscado? Enfoscado (or plaster) it is a thin layer made of masonry typically applied near the base of a house or commercial property right where the base meets the ground. In addition to the insulation layer, this coating helps protect your foundation.

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