Serviced Apartments: Better and More Personalized Service

If the level of service provided by an accommodation is important to you, a serviced apartment will typically provide you with much better and more personalized service than a hotel.

Serviced Apartment staff Get to Know You Better

Unlike hotels, apartments usually serve guests who will stay long term – as long as a week, a month or a few months. There are many residences and apartments are available in Singapore. You can also check out the best pullman residences prices.

This means the front desk and other staff have a better chance to get to know you and what you like or do not like so that they can offer a more personalized service.

It should also indicate that the serviced residences typically employ less staff because there is less need for housekeeping services daily and usually fewer types of eating facilities on-site restaurant. This means you will be dealing with fewer staff members are more likely to remember your name and vice versa.

Serviced Apartments Can Be Made to Feel Like Home

Since the apartment was originally intended to be used as a long-term accommodation for business travelers, the unit is usually much larger than your typical hotel room as even apartments are the most basic may have separate living and sleeping areas that are meant to make you feel as though you are staying in a large city apartment and not in a cramped hotel room.

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