Office Space – Decide What Is Right For You

If you have a fresh look for your business, one of the major costs you will be office accommodation. If you are not in the office or are not sure about the benefit of affordability of office space, then this article might be of interest.

So if you are looking to take office – maybe you have a new business or are looking at moving to upgrade or save money or maybe you set up a regional office or an extra room – what you need to think about the problem?

Office location

If your business is technology-based, specific locations may not be so important. For retail businesses, the exact location will be very important. A number of issues will vary in importance, depending on your priorities. You may visit to get the best rental property for your business.

What their needs are in relation to your business? Where are your competitors? Sometimes the concentration of competitors means they are in the right place, another time you might want to separate.

Local knowledge

If you do not have the local knowledge to find it. Ask locally, talking with other tenants and friends/family/contacts in the area, using the web and talk with local commercial property agents.

Find out where your footsteps, where the popular and which are not, where prices are high, an area that may experience problems with the delivery, where they may be problems such as heavy traffic, noise pollution or increased footfall on weekends.

Office size

If it is retail, what you need space for display and storage? If the office is, how much space do you need for staff? intense users, such as call centers, may need only C60 sq ft per person. professional services / consulting may need sq ft per person C120.

Do you need space for a reception or meeting? Do you want to plan an open space or divided? Partition would take up space and cost to install.

Important considerations about where you work are your emotional response. While it should not, perhaps, adjust your decision, it should be considered.

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