Microbes And Beneficial Microbes

Soil microorganisms most abundant of all organisms in the soil and is responsible for driving the cycling of nutrients and organic matter, soil fertility, soil restoration, and health of plants and ecosystems primary production.

Advantageous microorganisms including those who create symbiotic associations with plant roots (rhizobia, mycorrhizal fungi, actinomycetes, bacteria diazotrophic), promote the mineralization of nutrients and availability, plant growth hormone, and an antagonist of crop pests, parasites or disease (biocontrol agents). In order to know more aboutbeneficial soil microbes check this link http://organitek.com/.

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Many of these organisms are already naturally present in the soil, although in some circumstances it may be beneficial to increase their population by either inoculation or by applying various agricultural management techniques that increase their abundance and activity.

The biological activity of the soil depends on the correct amount and composition of species of microorganisms and their enzymatic activity. They create favorable conditions for seed germination and growth of the root system of cultivated plants, which is essential for high yields.

Plants emit large quantities of various chemical compounds in the soil, which form the composition of microorganisms in the environment. Root secretions of microorganisms using this as a source of food.

The rhizosphere is mainly a habitat for bacteria and mycorrhizal fungi. Some microorganisms can produce antibiotics that inhibit harmful microorganisms. In addition, soil microorganisms can also improve the condition of the plants with the release of growth regulators (eg, ethylene, auxin, and cytokines) and make available several nutrients (eg, phosphorus).

Polymer-producing microorganisms can improve soil structure. Among the significant soil microorganisms, it is worth mentioning the bacteria of the genus Pseudomonas sp., Bacteria that inhabit the root zone of plants.

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