Main Materials of Eyeglass Frames

There are several ways to classify a large variety of choices of glasses in the modern market. It is necessary to learn some information about a pair of glasses. Otherwise, it can be confusing for the customer to buy the right pair of glasses.

In general, a pair of glasses consists of two lenses, frames, and two temples. According to style frame, a pair of glasses can be full-frame, semi-rimless frames or. This is a clear approach to the classification of types of glasses.

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In fact, frame style is only one aspect of eyeglass frames. Another one is the frame material. Nowadays, a lot of material available for manufacturers to produce eyeglass frames.

The present situation differs significantly from that in the old days when metal and plastic are the only choices. In detail, spectacle frames made of metal or alloy is usually heavier than consisting of plastic.

Monel frames are malleable and corrosion-resistant. Another ingredient is commonly used is titanium, which can offer benefits such as durability, lightweight, strength, and corrosion resistance.

Statistics show that the titanium frame glasses favored by more people who like wearing metal glasses. Perhaps it is the most popular material in the metal category.

Other major categories of material are plastic eyeglass frames. First of all, plastic is just an overall concept. It actually refers to the broad categories of materials, such as zylonite, cellulose, nylon, nylon, and polycarbonate blended.

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