Highly Recommended Colic Treatment Medications From Equine Pharmaceuticals

Equine colic is a serious and severe condition that is common among the horses are commonly known as colic. horse medicine is not common in malls and drug stores.

There is a special company which specializes in pharmaceuticals horse that can be found online and in shopping centers pet. If you are looking for horse pain killers then you are at right place.

How do horses get this health problem?

The general case of colic will result in indigestion like gas, food blockage, and worms. Symptoms include difficulty, rolling, bloating, odd posture and fatigue. Sometimes a horse will paw at her stomach.

Best medical solution

There are several medications horses provide medicine to treat colic, but note that some drugs are not a cure. The most common treatment is buscopan.

It is a soothing antispasmodic drugs injection with spastic bowel – causes the muscles to relax. It is usually effective in under 10 minutes, and showed no further symptoms.

Although this drug is commonly used, the type of medication should only be awarded after approval of a veterinarian.

If given one, it might worsen the condition of the horse because the horse usually increase the heart rate for half an hour after ingestion.

Other recommended drugs

Others will include herbal medicine, boneset, which is also an antispasmodic. Other pain relievers, sedatives and laxatives can also be given – a mixture of crushed aspirin with bran mash will encourage the horse to eat.

There are also other drugs that can cause colic problems. Various sources say that if the horse has been treated with anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) may runaway horse with colic problem after 24 hours. Although, some NSAIDs can cover up the horse pain, it can cause some kidney problems for horses.

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