Educational Opportunities in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine has been a strong choice for alternative healing therapies in Western culture today. Traditional Chinese Medicine educational opportunities can have students complete academic programs in various fields such as herbal medicine and acupuncture. Students can enroll in an accredited program in the college of natural healing.

The training options that may be able to have students learn about botany, aromatherapy, acupressure massage, natural body energy, and more. Students who are interested in Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM must begin their education by researching their options. If you are looking to get an education in traditional Chinese medicine then you can explore

By learning about the different training opportunities students will be able to choose the appropriate industrial areas of their personal interests and goals. Training emphasizes the ability to work with patients and treat the whole person, which combines body, mind, and soul.

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Students will learn the history of the practice along with gain a comprehensive knowledge of the philosophy behind TCM. Training includes how to identify the acupuncture points and meridians in which the body’s natural energy flows past.

Auricular therapy

Training is offered at the undergraduate level. Students interested in this part of the training needs of the industry to start their education at the level of an undergraduate degree in alternative medicine program.


Students learn to properly convert into medicinal plants and herbs using a secure method. Education focuses strongly on the ability to prepare herbal remedies through the cultivation and mixing methods. Training becomes a higher degree program in more complex, which produces advanced knowledge of plant and career flexibility.

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